Monday, December 17, 2012

Ivan Mihaljevic and Side Effects "Counterclockwise"

Country: Croatia
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Release date: December 17, 2012 (digital)
1. Too Much Is Not Enough (0:33)
2. Build Your Destiny (4:43)
3. What Is Underneath (4:44)
4. Driving Force (8:37)
5. Gilded Cage (3:25)
6. Gift of Life (6:41)
7. Time Travel (3:21)
8. Eclipse (12:14)
9. I Am (3:47)

- Ivan Mihaljevic / vocals, guitars
- Marko Karacic / bass, vocals
- Alen Frljak / drums, vocals

Counterclockwise is a concept album which comments on the current state of mind and consciousness of our society and the world. It talks about many situations and feelings people might encounter through their lives. It talks about despondency, about people who disappoint you in ways you'd never expect from them, about dealing with a death of a close friend, about greed and about people dealing with severe depression, but it also shows the light at the end of the tunnel.
The album sound focuses on the band as a trio and makes you feel like the band is playing in your living room in front of you.
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