Friday, January 8, 2021

Steve Hackett "Under A Mediterranean Sky"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Instrumental Acoustic Progressive Rock
Label: InsideOut Music
FormatCD, vinyl+CD, digital
Release date: January 22, 2021
1. Mdina (The Walled City) (8:45)
2. Adriatic Blue (4:51)
3. Sirocco (5:13)
4. Joie de Vivre (3:42)
5. The Memory of Myth (3:29)
6. Scarlatti Sonata (3:40)
7. Casa del Fauno (3:51)
8. The Dervish and the Djin (4:57)
9. Lorato (2:29)
10. Andalusian Heart (5:34)
11. The Call of the Sea (4:44)

Total Time 51:15

Steve Hackett - nylon, steel string & 12-string guitars, oud, charango
Roger King - keyboards & programming, orchestral arrangements
John Hackett - flute
Malik Mansurov - tar
Arsen Petrosyan - duduk
Rob Townsend (Family) - flute (7), saxophone (8)
Christine Townsend - violin & viola (5, 10)
Franck Avril - oboe (10)

A musician that loves to travel, a good deal of Hackett's music in recent years has been inspired by the various places he's visited and the sights he's seen. Under A Mediterranean Sky is no exception and as the title alludes, it's a musical cruise around the Med, with portraits and impressions of the picturesque lands and waters enclosed by Southern Europe, North Africa and South-West Asia. Musically, the album is a showcase for Hackett's clean and fluid acoustic guitar playing, supported by longtime collaborator Roger King's symphonic soundscapes.
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Mdina (The Walled City)

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