Monday, January 20, 2020

Epic Tantrum "Abandoned in the Stranger's Room"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: January 20, 2020
1. Don't Bother...(5:18)
2. Unfold (3:50)
3. Accessory (3:56)
4. Fables of Fortune (4:39)
5. Outside the Wire (5:49)
6. Into the Clutch (1:35)
7 Letting Go (6:50)
8. False Idols (3:55)
9. A Howling (5:20)
10. Abondoned (4:34)
11. Baillee's Gone Again (Live) (3:56)
12. Franklin Park Blues (Live) (4:33)
13. Letting Go (Live) (7:15)
14. Now I Know (Live) (5:39)
15. Accessory (Live) (3:46)
16. Fables of Fortune (Live) (5:21)
17. The Artist (Live) (5:00)
18. Don't Bother... (Live) (4:19)
19. Drown (Live) (4:12)

Total Time - 89:47

Peter Lavine - Vocals, Guitar
Paul - Vocals, Guitar
Greg Ross - Bass, Vocals
Z - Drums

The first disc in this set is titled Abandoned, and features ten tracks of hard driving progressive rock with just a hint of heavy metal & jazz. "Outside the Wire" is an example of the band at their heaviest, sounding not unlike veteran band Tiles, with a hint of Rush and during the softer parts you can even detect some Steely Dan influence. Funky bass and layers of guitar textures complement some alluring vocals on the atmospheric "Letting Go", while the title track offers up tasty piano & synths, emotional vocal stylings, for a more symphonic prog style. Another highlight here is the rousing hard rock number "Fables of Fortune", chock full of aggressive guitar work and tight drumming, showing off the bands heavier side.
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