Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Human Pyramids "Power Pose"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Instrumental Chamber, Progressive Pop/Rock 
Label: Three Mile Town Records
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release date: December 25, 2019
1. 4000 Miles (3:44)
2. Volcano (3:12)
3. Lullaby (4:08)
4. Boxing Day (4:29)
5. Treacle (2:07)
6. Confetti (4:13)
7. Hospital Radio (1:34)
8. Memory Map (4:09)
9. Wisdom Teeth (3:39)
10. Hanlon's Razor (1:46)
11. The Mighty Atom (2:52)
12. Trouble (2:14)

Total Time 38:07

Al Gunby – drums
Caroline Lyons – vocals
Kev Brolly – clarinet
Susanne Bell – accordion
Paul Russell – guitars, synths and tuned percussion
Amelia Conway-Jones – violin
Ian Anderson – viola
Pete Harvey – cello
Susan Appelbe – cello and double bass
Gordon Clarke – trumpet
Ross McCrae – trombones
Tom Brogan – saxophones
Nick Etheridge – cimbasso and tuba
Rory Clark – tuba, french horn, sousaphone and percussion

HPs’ greatest asset (in this humble writer’s view) is their joyful attitude to instrumental arrangement – every shimmering clarinet line, buzzing horn swell and glimmering glockenspiel hit feels like the product of exquisite craft and attention, as well as incredible musicianship. It’s a rare group that can muster such a broad instrumental palette (is that a dulcimer in ‘Treacle’?) – and they deftly weave a host of organic and electronic timbres together from technicolour track to another. (Niall Ward-O'Brien at feckingbahamas.com)
Also read the review by Simon Smith at higherplainmusic.com



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