Friday, December 14, 2018

Manuel Schmid und Marek Arnold "Zeiten"

Country: Germany
Genre(s): Progressive Pop
LabelA&O Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: December 14, 2018 (digital), January 4, 2019 (CD)
1. Doch Dann Dreht Sich Die Welt (5:26)
2. Kleines Glueck (4:40)
3. Tagtraum (4:51)
4. Irgendwann (5:06)
5. Raum Der Illusion (5:27)
6. Diese Zeit (4:47)
7. Zeig Mir Dein Gesicht (3:25)
8. Stiller Schrei (4:09)
9. Zeig Mir Dein Gesicht (Radio Edit) (3:00)
10. Kleines Glueck (Radio Edit) (3:05)
11. Irgendwann (Radio Edit) (3:41)
12. Tagtraum (Radio Edit) (2:44)

Total Time 50:21

Marek Arnold (Seven Steps To The Green Door, Cyril, Damanek, Flaming Row, Toxic Smile, UPF) – Saxophone, Keyboards, Piano
Manuel Schmid (Cyril, Stern combo Meissen) – Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion
Ralf Dietsch (Cyril, Hidden Timbre) – Guitar
Ekkehard Dreßler – Percussion
Knut Kielmann – Guitar
Clemens Litschko (Cyril) – Drums
René Niederwieser – Guitar
Peter Rasym (Die Puhdys, Stern Meissen) – Bass
Denis Straßburg (Cyril) – Bass, Programming
Carmen Dreßler – Violin, Cello
Isolde Dreßler – Violin
Marion Dreßler – Violin
Markus Dreßler – Viola, Violin

Art-pop: “progressive rock without the rock attitude”, explains Marek Arnold when I question him further. The instrumentation and the way the songs have been arranged, combined with Manuel Schmid’s interpretation and singing of the lyrics inclines it toward being pop. Yet the heartlands of progressive rock, with its complex chord progressions and unusual sequences, are clearly present and firmly incline it toward being prog. Definitely not ‘Schlager’, he is quick to point out. Art-pop it is.
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