Friday, November 30, 2018

Vermillion Skye "Zebra Mentality"

Country: Canada
Genre(s)Art Rock
FormatCD, digital
Release date: November 30, 2018
01. Zebra Mentality (4:51)
02. Aryanna (4:27)
03. This Digital Life (5:53)
04. Tottenham (7:57)
05. Ain't That Just Like a Girl (6:00)
06. The Pecking Order (5:18)
07. The 7/4 Blues (3:58)
08. The Thought of Losing You (4:52)
09. The Scheme of Things (5:15)
10. Under the Gun (4:27)
11. The Look on Her Face (5:35)
12. Ill Will (5:05)

Jeff Johnston: lead vocals, keyboards
Pete Swann: guitars
Chris Robertson: bass
Steve Gerlewych: drums

The album's title track explores the herd mentality that humans exhibit day to day. When you try to be like everyone else, what is your real identity? The title track itself challenges the norm by being an African-rhythm tune written in 5/4. There's even a Blues tune written in 7/4 appropriately called "The 7/4 Blues" which surprisingly one could dance to. That said, there are progressive time signatures sprinkled throughout the album, but it all feels right to the listener. Other stand out tracks include "The Pecking Order", "Aryanna", and "Tottenham" (written about the 2011 race riot in London England). Hints of Styx, Saga, and Genesis, as always, make their appearance, but the sound is uniquely Vermillion Skye.

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