Friday, January 5, 2018

The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol "Droneverdose"

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Istrumental Krautrock, Psychedelic, Space Rock
Label: Cardinal Fuzz
Format: CD, vinyl, digital
Release date: January 05, 2018
1. Earworm (3:49)
2. Snorehand (2:56)
3. Gausian Blur / Beach Debris (10:37)
4. 118 (8:21)
5. Tsunami Of Bullshit (15:29)

Total Time 41:12

John Westhaver - drums
William Guerrero - guitar
Nathaniel Hurlow - guitar
Dave Reford - guitar
Jason M. Vaughan- keyboards, synthesizers, percussion
Scott Thompson - trombone

TBWNIAS are unique and pretty much peerless when it comes to improvised freak-outs and brain melting krautrock workouts. They are less a band and more of a collective; a shifting roll call of personnel based around a core of ever-presents. The music they produce is organic.... fluid improvisations ("unfettered by structure" if I may quote drummer John Westhaver) that reflect the personalities of the musicians and their intense love and deep knowledge of music, with an output as prodigious as it is exhilarating (their archive is full of hours and hours of sessions forever captured for posterity.) They are simply, without doubt, one of the most exciting bands plying their trade today but what sets them apart from other bands who play equally enthralling 'jam' based rock is the level or erudition...the intelligence and musical articulation is evident in each and every note they play.
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