Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mancunian Candidate "Mancunian Candidate"

Country: UK/USA
Genre(s): Progressive Rock/Pop
Format: CD, digital
Release date: January 2017
1. Garden Party (2:36)
2. Secret Of A Saint (2:37)
3. The Water's Cold (3:53)
4. Listing Towards Starboard (Operation Bright Star) (3:10)
5. Anikusdominuscrappedonfactor (Operation Bright Star) (3:42)
6. Return To The Sun (Operation Bright Star) (3:12)
7. Circle Lies Unbroken (6:47)
8. Mongers Among Us (3:50)
9. Access Denied (Waltz 57) (2:48)
10. The Phoenix (Waltz 57) (4:53)
11. The Air Has Changed (Too Much To Lose) (5:59)
12. His Story Won't Be Told (Too Much To Lose) (3:55)
13. Fanfare For The Damned (Too Much To Lose) (4:27)
14. Leslie's Friends (Garden Party Reprise) (5:47)

Total Time 57:36

Matthew Swindells (Moth Vellum): Drums, Vocals, Keys & Acoustic Guitars
Matthew Charles Heulitt (Moetar): Guitars
Johnny Heyes: Guitars
Andy Shepley: Bass
Neil Fairclough (Queen & Adam Lambert): Bass
Ollie Collins (Alan Parsons): Bass
Jon Evans (Tori Amos, Sarah Mclauchlan): Bass
Matt Bissonette (Elton John, David Lee Roth, Joe Satriani): Bass
Jasper Wilkinson: Mandolin

The album Mancunian Candidate has a relatively short song format. The first half of the album sounds as if pop band The Police had gone progressive. The vocal style and part of the song structures are definitely closer to pop, but the arrangements and instrumental sections are totally different. In those parts, Mancunian Candidate delivers highly-skilled, masterfully crafted and climactic symphonic progressive rock, inspired by the great masters like Genesis and Yes.
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