Saturday, August 20, 2016

Throes Of Dawn "Our Voices Shall Remain"

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Atmospheric/Progressive/Gothic/Post Metal
Label: Argonauta Records
Format: CD, digital
Release date: August 20, 2016
1. Mesmerized (9:25)
2. We Used To Speak In Colours (8:45)
3. Lifelines (7:46)
4. The Understanding (9:47)
5. Our Voices Shall Remain (6:35)
6. One Of Us Is Missing (9:18)
7. The Black Wreath Of Mind (14:24)

Total Time 66:00

Henri Koivula: vocals
Jani Heinola: guitars
Juha Ylikoski: lead guitars
Harri Huhtala: bass
Henri Andersson: keyboards
Juuso Backman: drums
Henri Koivula: :saxophone (6, 7)

As one of the first Finish Progressive/Melodic Black Metal bands in the 90’s, their sound has truly evolved into a magical combination of Atmospheric/Progressive/Gothic/Dark Metal elements. Featuring over 65 minutes of music, the seven tracks presented in “Our Voices Shall Remain” will transport the listener to very emotional melodic realms.
Slowly building up with the hypnotic atmosphere of “Mesmerized”, the band creates a very subtle dreamy vibe thanks to the distant guitars and bass guitar line. The band’s earlier Black Metal days are still infused in the music, as songs like “We Used to Speak in Colours” start off quite heavily and slowly mellow into the album’s groove. Only using clean vocals, Henri Koivula, manages to sound a bit like Jukka Vuorinen from Decoryah, adding an extra layer of emotions to the music, tracks like “Lifelines” are a perfect example of this.
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