Friday, December 11, 2015

The Chronicles Project "When Darkness Falls"

Country: Multinational
Genre(s): Progressive Metal, Power Metal
Label: Power Prog
Format: CD, digital
Release date: December 11, 2015
1. Prologue: Our Souls (1:54)
2. Forever (4:09)
3. Void Of The Damned (4:52)
4. The Last Embrace (6:24)
5. A Dangerous Journey (6:45)
6. Into Infinity (5:53)
7. Interlude I: The Confession (1:28)
8. When Darkness Falls (5:32)
9. Believe (5:52)
10. My Revolution (5:10)
11. Interlude II: Release Me (1:14)
12. The Dark Symphony (6:05)
13. Promised Lands (5:00)
14. Until You're Mine (2:07)
15. Conclusion: Still Alive (1:25)
16. Chronicles Of A Strange Mind (CD Bonus Track) (5:31)

Total time 69:21

Malte Rathke (Keyboards & arragements)
Ivan Ravaioli (Lead & rhythm guitars)
Martino Garattoni (Bass)
Sam Tickner (Drums)
Andi Kravljaca (Vocals, guitar and keyboard solo on "Promised Lands")
Vasilis Georgiou (Vocals)
Rob Lundgren (Vocals)
Dave Esser (Vocals)
Patricia Romera (Vocals)
Gus Drax (Guitar solo on "Into Infinity
- See more at: http://powerprog.net/releases_the_chronicles_project_when_darkness_falls.html#sthash.UnDMjuZN.dpuf
Malte Rathke - Keyboards & arragements
Ivan Ravaioli - Lead & rhythm guitars
Martino Garattoni - Bass
Sam Tickner - Drums
Gus Drax - Guitar solo (6)
Andi Kravljaca (Aeon Zen) - Vocals, guitar and keyboard solo (13)
Vasilis Georgiou - Vocals
Rob Lundgren - Vocals
Dave Esser - Vocals
Patricia Romera - Vocals

The album “When Darkness Falls” is a concept album or metal opera if you prefer. With many supporting players and vocalists and a grand concept, it does sound and feel like Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Kamelot or Avantasia....  Musically, it is a very rich sounding album which combines elements of prog metal, power metal and mostly symphonic metal. 
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