Saturday, December 5, 2015

Sonus Corona "Sonus Corona"

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Progressive Metal
Format: digital
Release date: December 5, 2015
1. Invocation (1:16)
2. Deliverance (5:31)
3. Struggle (4:12)
4. The Window (5:34)
5. T.N.D. (5:07)
6. Rise Above (5:11)
7. Nexus (5:09)
8. Lucid Dreaming (4:54)
9. Till The End Of My Days (7:47)

Total Time 44:41

Ari Lempinen - guitar, backing vocals
Harri Annala - guitar
Aki Niemi - bass
Rasmus Raassina - drums
Timo Mustonen - vocals

The band strives to mix soft melodies with heavy riffs in a progressive style. The self-titled Sonus Corona is their debut album with songs which portray the inner thoughts of a man trying to survive in a decaying world. The album presents the listener with inspiring musical atmospheres ranging from heavy as hell to light as a feather. It is a mixture of progressiveness, heaviness and melody. Inside you will find something traditional, something new and something out-of-the-box.
3 tracks


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