Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ontologics "Something To Needle Over"

Country: USA
Sub GenreExperimental, Progressive Rock/Metal, Electronica, Hip Hop, Psychedelic
Release dateDecember 10, 2013
  1. Storm the Gates 05:21 
  2. Hologram for the Hollow Man 04:29 
  3. Lions to Go 05:11 
  4. Something to Needle Over 04:46 
  5. The Clever Cat Kills Another Friend (Instrumental) 03:34 
  6. From Then to Now 04:58 
  7. Dug Until the Rest Could Drink 07:33 
  8. Soundscape (Instrumental) 04:11 
  9. Drained from the Head Sprain 04:10 
  10. DMT Overdose (Instrumental) 02:39 
  11. SWFU 04:53 
Ian Campopiano - vocals, guitars, programming/sequencing, Roland SPD-S, Korg wave drum, synth, 2nd drum kit, bass, samples
Matthew Walshe - main drum kit, Korg wave drum, banter
Rob Hanna - additional guitars (9)
Steve Johnson - bass (7, 11)

Tool, 311, Incubus, Limp Bizkit, Pink Floyd… Al Di Meola? Well, traces of Al Di Meola in Ontologics’ music might not be that apparent; however, if one were to pick a song from each of the rest of the aforementioned bands and stitch them together, the resulting collage will make up a typical Ontologics number. If that’s not overwhelming enough, none of the above bands can boast of incorporating such a wide range of influences – from alt rock, progressive rock, electronica, jazz, and rap to world music – in one single song, but Ontologics can. This might be a pretty lofty statement for this little known band from Providence, RI, but these guys are eclectic. After all, this rock band opened for Afroman. It just goes to show that genres don’t mean much to them.
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