Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oneironaught "Enlist Today"

Country: USA
Sub Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Rock
Release dateDecember 1, 2013
  1. The Schillinger Escape Plan (07:26)
  2. Ace High (03:49)
  3. The Sludgery (08:20)
  4. World 8-4 (04:37)
  5. Your Body is Responding Incredibly Well (to the Pregnancy) (08:29)
  6. Emerald City (04:56)
  7. Palace of the Beast (11:02)
Nathan Lincoln – Guitar
Robert Pena – Guitar & Keyboard
Damon Pelletier – Bass
David Mieloch – Drums

Playing primarily instrumental music, Oneironaught fuses elements of different kinds of Music – mainly Rock, Psychedelic, Progressive, Metal, Jazz, and Classical – to create vibrant instrumental pieces that exude vigor, complexity, and that defy standards definitions. Their self-produced debut album, entitled “Enlist Today”, contains 7 tracks. The sound is totally unconventional, dynamic, sometimes as heavy as Thrash-Metal, other times soaring and Classical on the guitar harmonies; and spreads in different directions, either dissolving in pools of Psychedelic keyboards, or reverberating on waves of groovy riffs, pounding bass or explosive drumming. Amidst the sonic havoc, the band still finds space to include great guitar solos, complex drumming, smart bass scherzos and playful spaghetti-western moments. The album opens with “The Schillinger Escape Plan” (07:26) – which makes reference to one of Oneironaught’s most influential bands. A great Psych-Thrash-Prog piece, this song comes as a storm, pouring down psychedelic sounds, demolition drumming, pounding bass and adventurous guitar riffs. It is followed by “Ace High” (03:49), which merges amazingly Arabian influences with Space-Metal moments and ends with an epic martial pace. “The Sludgery” (08:20) is darker and mysterious, driven by guitar riffs that are dramatically heavier and slower than the previous, also recalling the sounds of “Opeth”, “Mastodon” and “Tool”. An unexpected break directs the song to a kind of Psych Spanish-Metal phase, and introduces crazy marry-go-round tunes and “Iron Maiden”-like galloping bass and drums. “World 8-4” (04:37) has calmer guitars that soar over hectic drums, but descends to low-tuned guitar riffs meandered by deep bass. The addition of psychedelically-distorted guitars makes this piece to sound like some horror-movie soundtrack. “Your Body is Responding Incredibly Well (to the Pregnancy)” (08:29) begins differently, with nice tuneful pianos, and gradually goes through musical changes to included more spaghetti-western Metal, Space-Rock organs, blowing-mind bass solo, Heavy-Progressive atmospheric cadences and more “Iron Maiden”-like guitar harmonies, being also reminiscent of “Porcupine Tree” and “Muse”. “Emerald City” (04:56) – the only song featuring brief vocals - is groovy and funny, and seems to be full of musical citations. The guitars bass and drums have a flavor of Psychedelic Hard-Rock of the late ‘60s to early ‘70s, and so have the keyboards and vocals. “Palace of the Beast” (11:02) is the magnum opus that closes the album. This composition was composed in a Baroque structure that reflects Oneironaught’s most Classical and Progressive influences. The piece slowly alternates from soaring to heavier moments, but every note has been carefully chosen, and the band never loses control of the overall cohesion, as much as it gets complex. (Marcelo Trotta at progressiverockbr.com)


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