Monday, September 10, 2012

Life Line Project "20 Years After"

Country: Netherlands
Sub GenreSymphonic
Release date: September 10, 2012

1. Three's A Crowd (3:40)
2. Worries (6:27)
3. 20 Years After (3:41)

4. Duplo's Theme (4:01)
5. Morning In Equivalesia (2:10)
6. It's Fun To Obey (5:38)
7. Evening Thoughts (2:42)
8. Working On The Mountain (7:40)
9. Unica (2:21)
10. Love Is In His Eye (1:34)
11. Together (4:04)
12. Life In The Individual State Of Ridicula (5:42)
13. Happiness (4:39)
14. The Guy Is Cool ! (3:47)
15. Same Old Song (6:21)
16. Move Out (5:16)
17. Finale & Epilogue (4:33)

Bonus Track:
18. One Night In Mantua (3:59)

-Erik de Beer - acoustic & electric piano's, Moogs, Hammond organ, synthesizers, harpsichord, all electric & acoustic guitars, mandolin, lutes, baroque guitar, chitarrone & harmony vocals
-Marion Brinkman-Stroetinga - all lead vocals & harmony vocals
-Elsa de Beer - flute & harmony vocals
-Dineke Visser - oboe
-Anneke Verhage - clarinets
-Ada Bienfait - bassoon
-Iris Sagan - Ibanez BTB 5 string & Fender Jazz bass 4 string bass guitars,
acoustic bass, harmony vocals & narrating voice
-Ludo de Murlanos - Gretsch drums, Zildjan, Sabian & UFIP cymbals, timpani,
roto-toms, bongo's, renaissance drum, triangle, claves, shaker, cowbell,
tambourine & harmony vocals
-Iris Kranenburg & Patricia Kalkman - violins
-Christine van Blitterswijk - viola
-Aris Anninga - violoncello

The album contains four shorter tracks, of which opening track "Three's A Crowd" full of keyboard wizzardry by Erik de Beer and the incredible beautiful and touching unplugged "Worries", so beautifully sung by leadvocalist Marion Brinkman, immediately catch the ear.The album also contains their ultimate epic masterpiece "The True Tale Of Duplo The Equivalent", finally revealing the true identity of the little guy on the LLP guitarpick. This over one hour lasting epic against the silliness of both communism and capitalism is by far the best way to discover all the possibilities of this Dutch symphonic rock band. Here you have it all: the richness of true Hammond sound, the analogue strength of several Moog synths, electric guitar leads that remind us of the fullness of the best Hackett sound, an abundant woodwind section adding to the diversity of the sound and an excellent female lead singer. Live this epic has been their battle horse for years and it's now finally recorded in its definite studio version. Those who like the sound of solid symphonic progressive rock combined with beautiful insertions of woodwinds like the flute, oboe, clarinet & bassoon, mixed to the subtle sounds of lutes, mandolins, harpsichord and a chitarrone can't go wrong with this album. (record heaven)
Move out

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