Friday, October 5, 2018

NeversiN "The Outside In"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Progressive Hard Rock
Label: Revalve Records - RR103 
Format: CD, digital
Release date: October 05, 2018
1. When Darkness Falls... (1:48)
2. A Storm Is Coming (4:25)
3. Rage, Pt. 2 (5:42)
4. Life Preserved (6:22)
5. Rain (4:56)
6. B.O.Y. (Because Of You) (5:02)
7. Light Of The West (1:07)
8. Evenstar (4:10)
9. Cosmic Stroll In C# (Symphony Of Light - Movement I) (1:02)
10. Light The Universe (Symphony Of Light - Movement II) (4:59)
11. The Main Sequence (Symphony Of Light - Movement III) (5:11)
12. Collapse (Symphony Of Light - Movement IV) (8:00)

Total Time 52:44

Ben Moro: Vocals, guitars
Skench: Guitars, Backing vocals
Sgana: Guitars
Albertino: Drums
Hurt: Bass

The sound of NeversiN mixes hard rock and classic metal with progressive influences. The songs are different one from each other both in feeling and intention but preserving the sound of the band as the basic link and trademark, almost instantly recognisable. The aim of the band is to explore the sub-genres of rock and progressive in order to give each album a wide variety of sounds and colours, learning to do this from the great masters of rock Queen and Toto. Their songs go from straight hard rock to slow acoustic ballads, passing through evocative and sometimes complex instrumental passages.

A Storm is Coming!

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