Saturday, October 10, 2020

Garcia Peoples "Nightcap at Wits' End"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Instrumental Psychedelic
Label: Beyond Beyond is Beyond
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: October 9, 2020
1. Gliding Through (4:19)
2. Wasted Time (4:43)
3. Altered Place (4:21)
4. Fire Of The Now (3:49)
5. Painting A Vision That Carries (7:00)
6. One At A Time (3:54)
7. (Our Life Could Be Your Van) (3:04)
8. Crown Of Thought (5:55)
9. (Sound Controls Time) (1:36)
10. A Reckoning (4:34)
11. (Litmus) (1:13)
12. Shadow (4:04)

Total Time 48:32

Tom Malach
Danny Arakaki
Cesar Arakaki
Derek  Spaldo
Pat Gubler
Andy Cush

Garcia Peoples have been playing with PG Six for a while, and with Nightcap at Wits’ End, this thinking man’s jam band successfully integrates the keyboard player’s lilting, British-folk-influenced proclivities into their monumental grooves. The band’s fifth full-length splices the kind of serpentine folk-blues licks you might expect from Richard Thompson into their fiery onslaughts, especially on cuts like “Altered Place” and “Painting a Vision that Carries.” 
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