Monday, July 6, 2020

Abel Ganz "The Life Of The Honey Bee and Other Moments of Clarity"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: July 6, 2020
1. The Life of the Honeybee and other Moments of Clarity
2. One Small Soul
3. Arran Shores
4. Summerlong
5. Sepia and White
6. The Light Shines Out

Davie Mitchell: Guitars
Jack Webb: Keyboards
Mick Macfarlane: Vocals, Guitars, Bouzouki
Stephen Donnelly: Bass
Denis Smith: Drums, Vocals (6)
David King: Guitars, Keyboards (1, 6), Drum programming (6)
Alan Hearton: Keyboards (1, 5, 6), Vibraphone (5)
Fiona Cuthill: Fiddles & Recorders (1)
Alex Paclin: Harmonica (1)
Snake Davis: Saxophone (1)
Emily Smith: Vocals (2)
Frank van Essen: Strings (4)
Stevie Lawrence: Low whistles (6)
Signy Jakobsdottir: Congas, Percussion (6)
Marc Papaghin: French horns (6)

A concept album comprising of six thematically linked pieces exploring our relationship with memory and loss. The liminal space between a fading ‘what was’ and an anticipated ‘what is to come’.
The album recalls the hazy technicolour of long remembered summers and the sepia of a love forgotten. A place where we blur the boundaries of returning and renewal. The lyrics chart the course through recollection to premonition. These words are both deeply personal and universal, hope for what is next and a lament for what we have lost.
The influences on the new album continue in a similar vein to the band's self-titled 2014 opus - further developing their eclectic mix of folk, rock, metal and Celtic styles. The album’s trajectory shifts between crunching guitars, subtle acoustic instruments, strings, soaring Hammond and emotive grand piano all connected by lyrical storytelling and timeless vocals and harmonies.

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