Friday, September 7, 2018

Kingcrow "The Persistence"

Country: Italy
Genre(s)Progressive Rock/Metal
LabelSensory Records (Laser’s Edge)
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release date: September 7, 2018
1. Drenched
2. Closer
3. Everything Goes
4. Folding Paper Dreams
5. The Persistence
6. Every Broken Piece Of Me
7. Devil's Got A Picture
8. Night's Descending
9. Father
10. Perfectly Imperfect
11. Timeshift Box [Live At ProgPower USA] *
12. Fading Out PT.III [Live At ProgPower USA] *
13. Phlegethon [Live At ProgPower USA] *
* 2xLP bonus track

Diego Marchesi - Lead & backing vocals
Diego Cafolla - Guitar & backing vocals
Ivan Nastasi - Guitar & backing vocals
Thundra Cafolla - Drums & Percussions
Cristian Della Polla - Keyboards & Synths
Riccardo Nifosì - Bass

Describing Kingcrow today is quite a difficult task, but one could state that the influence of different kinds of music; progressive rock, alternative rock, ambient music, metal, and more are all present in the band's songs. With each release, they take a step further away from their original roots.
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