Friday, July 28, 2017

Red Sun "The Wind, The Waves, The Clouds"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Instrumental Psychedelic, Space Rock, Stoner, Post Rock
Label: PsyKA Records (PSYKA-007)
Format: CD, digital, vinyl
Release date: July 28, 2017 (CD, digital), December 4, 2017 (vinyl)
1. Artic Wind (7:08)
2. Hidden Currents (6:10)
3. The Clouds (5:31)
4. Holy Mountains (5:46)
5. The Jagged Coast Of Wales (6:04)
6. Aurora (8:16)
7. Waves Of Sand (6:18)

Total Time 45:13

Eno - Guitars
Fredo - Drums, Synth, Vocals (4)
Mirco - Bass
Riccardo (Da Captain Trips) - Lead Guitar (5)

Admittedly, “Artic Wind” serves as a seven-minute preview of the rest of the record. The song commences with a solitary guitar, offering its woeful articulation, one note at a time; but after the first minute, the group brings in the drums and the bass. The build here ruminates a bit too long, but there is an abrupt change that drives the track into a psychedelic trance, before busting into an intense, poignant solo.
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