Sunday, April 19, 2015

Ligro "Dictionary 3"

Country: Indonesia
Genre(s)Fusion, Jazz-Rock
LabelMoonJune Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateApril 19, 2015 (digital)
1. Bluker - 14:46
2. Pentagonal Krisis - 15:11
3. Tragic Hero - 13:50
4. The 20th Century Collaseu - 11:40
5. Lonely Planet - 8:20

Agam Hamzah: guitar
Adi Darmawan: bass guitar
Gusti Hendy: drums, percussion
Ade Irawan: piano, keyboards (1)

After a nearly three-year absence, the seminal Indonesian jazz and fusion guitarist Agam Hamzah, and his power avant-jazz-rock trio returns to the spotlight with guns blazing! Ligro's Dictionary 3 makes good on all of the promise suggested by their 2012 international debut on MoonJune Records, Dictionary 2 – finding the group in commanding form, delivering a soulful, ambitious effort that rocks with brute force and conviction.
Featuring a special guest appearance by the young Indonesian jazz keyboard prodigy, now based in Los Angeles, Ade Irawan (who was 18-year-old at the time of the recording), the album ventures to domains which highlight the amazing versatility, depth and unbridled sense of adventure that has become this multifaceted group's trademark. Highlighted by the sometimes-explosive, sometimes-syncopated, but always highly engaging rhythms of renowned players, bassist Adi Darmawan (one of the Indonesia's busiest and most in-demand bass players) and drummer Gusti Hendy (of the Indonesian mega pop-rock sensation Gigi), Dictionary 3 sees the band propelling each other to new musical heights, as they embark on a fresh journey that probes previously unexplored sonic terrain while keeping the accelerated mashed down to the floorboard! 

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