Saturday, March 21, 2015

Mimes On Rollercoasters™ "3"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Rock, Electronica
FormatCD, digital
Release dateMarch 21, 2015
  1. Labor to Life - 3:01
  2. Sunshine - 3:07
  3. One-Way Ticket Ride - 5:57
  4. Chained to a Life - 2:32
  5. Painting On Sad Eyes - 4:39
  6. Fly Away - 7:56
  7. I Walk Alone - 3:56
  8. So Far Away My Love - 5:02
  9. Fanfare for Maxine - 2:55
  10. Sleep Gently Sweet Angel - 2:49
Mark Ruester - Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals
Greg Teresi - Electric Guitar
Chessie Ruester - Flute
Adeline Ruester - Alto Sax

Mimes On Rollercoasters™ - 3 is the third concept album based on The Adventures of Marcel and Mimi Mime. Continuing the saga, this album announces the birth of their first child, Maxine. As the music unfolds, you soon discover that all is not well in paradise. Mimi is suffering unusually intense postpartum depression. Marcel on the other hand, recently released from prison, is trying to become adjusted to life on the outside, but at the same time is very confused by Mimi’s odd and sometimes psychotic behavior. One thing’s for sure; they both love their new baby girl to the ends of the earth.

Heavily influenced by the great Progressive Rock masters such as, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull and Yes, Mark delivers something for everyone in this latest work, yet still ties the ten brand new selections together with that unique Mimes On Rollercoasters™ sound.

As with all Mimes On Rollercoasters™ music, one can discover the entire story on their official website. But even if you haven’t enjoyed the written story yet, the “musical story” will immediately draw you in, right from the first selection, Labor To Life, which can be best described as a musical journey from conception to birth. But musically, the story does not end there. In fact, it’s only just the beginning. Along the way, you will discover music influenced by several genres from Electronic to Western and Acoustic to full on Classical with several stops in between. If you like variety drawn together by a familiar continuity, you will definitely like Mimes On Rollercoasters™ - 3.

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