Monday, March 24, 2014

Akroma "La Cene"

Country: France
Sub GenreTech/Extreme Black Progressive Metal Opera
LabelFantai’zic Records
Release date: March 24, 2014
1. Pierre
2. Thomas
3. Jacques
4. Barthélémy
5. Matthieu
6. Jude
7. Simon
8. André
9. Jean
10. Philippe
11. Jacques fils d'alphée
12. Judas

Alain Germonville – vocals
Matthieu Morand – guitar; orchestrations
Pierre-Yves Martin – bass
Thomas Das Neves – drums
Laura Kimpe – vocals
Helene Dautry – cello
Lorraine Francois – harp
Sophie Habert – narration
   The 12 Apostles:
S.A.S de l'Argilière – vocals as Peter
Matthieu "Cigalou" Jouvert – vocals as Thomas
Frank Laprévotte – vocals as James
Black Messiah – vocals as Bartholomew
Kamel Guellil  – vocals as Matthew
Laurent Gisonna – vocals as Judas the son of James
Patrick Germonville – vocals as Simon
Nicolas Calnibalosky – vocals as Andrew
Sotaa – vocals as John
Sébastien Daspet – vocals as Philip
Manu  – vocals as James the son of Alphaeus
Emmanuel "El Worm" Lévy – vocals as Judas Iscariot

For its third album the group again selected a biblical theme - that of the 12 apostles. The project is ambitious, developing a singing skinned, grandiose orchestrations, explosive rhythms and demonic riffs while approaching the aesthetics of "Seven." 12 singers from the best extreme metal bands were chosen to interpret the apostles. Both symphonic and extreme, crazy and poetic, powerful and unhealthy, "La Cene" (The Last Supper) tells the story of a man who in his desire for revenge replenishes the last supper in the most gruesome way.


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