Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Warpstone "Into The Phantasmancer Celestial Castle"

Country: France
Sub GenreProgressive Death/Black Metal
LabelThe Witchtower Productions
Release dateJanuary 15, 2014
1. The March 04:13
2. Graveyard Addicted 05:23
3. Into the Phantasmancer Celestial Castle 06:10
4. Orange Moon 05:23
5. Interlude 01:59
6. Malevolent Intent 03:13
7. The Virtuous and the Goatlord 03:30
8. Emerald Anthem 03:23
9. The Sleepwalker 04:08

Michaël Raverdino - Bass, Vocals (harsh)
Anthony Malaussena  - Guitars, Vocals (clean)
Aboth - Drums
Aldébaran  - Guitarson tracks 1, 4, 6

The music falls somewhere along a continuum between Atheist-style death metal and the more progressive black-metal excursions of Enslaved. The songs are generally fast-paced but the band frequently shift gears as the intricate and often layered guitar performances twist, turn, flicker, and swarm. The head-spinning instrumental performances are topped off by incandescent clean guitar solos, usually flashing white-hot over the thunder of a double-bass kick. And the vocals are almost as much fun as the instrumental acrobatics, varying from vitriolic roars to ugly gargling to clean harmonies. Fans of progressive death or black metal really owe it to themselves to check this out. (nocleansinging.com)

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