Friday, April 24, 2020

Kimmo Pörsti "Wayfarer"

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: Seacrest Oy
Format: CD
Release date: April 2020
1. Arrival (3:00)
2. Heaven's Gate (6:15)
3. Creer, Crecer (4:55)
4. Connection Lost (5:29)
5. Morning Mist (4:42)
6. Thunkit (6:22)
7. Wayfarer (4:54)
8. Cruz Del Sur (Southern Cross) (10:19)
9. Witch Watch (6:51)
10. This Day Is Yours (5:51)
11. Heavy Winter (3:29)
12. Icy Storm (5:28)
13. Mika (5:18)

Total Time 72:53

Kimmo Pörsti (The Samurai of Prog, Paidarion, Mist Season): Drums, percussion, bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar
Marek Arnold (Seven Steps To The Green Door, Cyril, Toxic Smile, UPF): Sax, keyboards
Dave Bainbridge (Iona): Guitars, keyboards
Marco Bernard (The Samurai Of Prog): Bass
Carmine Capasso: Guitars
Jenny Darren (Paidarion): Vocals
Rodrigo Godoy (Jaime Rosas, Entrance): Vocals, guitars
Hitomi Iriyama (Stella Lee Jones): Violin
Olli Jaakkola (Paidarion): Flute
Steve Mauk (Mars Hollow): Keyboards
Kev Moore (Paidarion): Vocals
Jose Manuel Medina (Last Knight, Mandalaband): Keyboards, orchestrations
Rafael Pacha: Guitars, whistles, recorders
Otso Pakarinen (Ozone Player, Paidarion ): Keyboards
Hanna Pörsti: Flute
J-P Rantanen: Keyboards
Kari Riihimäki: Guitars
Jari Riitala: Guitars, keyboards, bass
Jaime Rosas (Entrance): Keyboards
Jan-Olof Strandberg (Paidarion): Bass

Music ranges from Camel-style songs to groovy fusion instrumentals. Although the album could be described as symphonic-prog in general, you can find celtic and bluesy elements etc as well.


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