Monday, August 6, 2018

Strandberg Project "Progressive Construction"

Country: Finland
Genre(s): Instrumental Jazz-Rock, Fusion
LabelSeacrest oy ‎– SRC-1019
Format: CD
Release date: August 6, 2018
  1. The Searchers Prelude
  2. The Searcher
  3. Under Construction
  4. Freedom and Honor
  5. Wizard Samba
  6. Busy Weekend
  7. Lets Get Started
  8. Freedom and Honor Part II
  9. Chilin
  10. Lets Get Started Live
  11. Love Trusts
  12. The Searchers Departure
Jan-Olof Strandberg (Paidarion) - Bass, Keyboards
Jartsa Karvonen - Drums, Percussion
Sami Virtanen  - Guitar, Keyboards
Jukka Gustavson - Keyboards, Organ
William Suvanne - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Perttu Siren - Handclaps, Sampler (10)
Felix Zenger - Human Beatbox (6)
Tatu Turunen - Keyboards, Programming

The first track is a short affair dominated by Gustavson’s keyboards. It’s the crystal clean sound and shimmering beauty of the piece that had me transfixed. Some deep low rumblings add intensity to the mix. “The Searcher” has the band in heavier form with excellent guitar riffs, squelching saxophone and funky bass lines. Add some flute trills and you have the makings of a great track. The grooving/funky bass line in “Under Construction” and a sublime organ solo makes for another strong track. “Freedom And Honor” has a more ethereal and enchanting sound. The bass solo is backed by dreamy keyboards and the tasty guitar solo further adds to the song’s charm. Heavier rock, funk and fusion makes “Wizard Samba” another favourite. The bass solo is pure joy.
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