Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Season Of The Crow "Let It Fly"

Country: Multinational
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: May 8, 2018
1. Drink From The Fountain (5:48)
2. Convocations Of Destiny (6:08)
3. Mine To Bleed (4:12)
4. Modus Operandi (14:52)
5. Garden (5:32)
6. Telling Time (4:51)
7. Tiraid (4:49)
8. Into The Sea (8:40)

Total Time 54:52

Gavin Carignan - Drums, Percussion, Additional Vocals
Mike LePond (Symphony X) - Bass
Riki Carignan - Vocals
Kapil Krishnamurthy - Guitars
Juha Merimaa - Keyboards

Season of the Crow was formed in 2012 by musicians originally from the United States, Israel, India, and Finland. Their combination of diverse musical experience and eclectic listening habits that span a wide range of cultures results is an album with a distinct sound and profound expressiveness. From the virtuosic, musically-intertwined instrumental performances, to vocal lines that range in style and octaves, you will be left wanting more at the end of each song.
Let it Fly kicks off with a heavy, driving groove. A few bars later a mysterious, clean vocal line enters: “When the color fades from the firefly, you can see through it.” From the first note, you will be transported into the unique sonic blend of intricate harmonies and rhythms and inspired, thought-provoking lyrics that is Season of the Crow. Written by Gavin Carignan, drummer and songwriter for the band, the songs on Let it Fly were born out of his personal journey of self-discovery after reconciling the inner turmoil he felt about the religious beliefs he was raised with. The deeply personal nature of the album provides a dramatic musical experience that defies genre and is viscerally emotional.

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