Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Damanek "On Track"

Country: Multinational
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Label: GEP
Format: CD
Release date: May 2017
1. Nanabohzo and the Rainbow
2. Long Time, Shadow Falls
3. The Cosmic Score (Heaven Song Pt. I)
4. Believer-Redeemer
5. Oil Over Arabia
6..Big Parade
7. Madison Blue
8. Dark Sun

Guy Manning (The Tangent, UPF) - Lead / Backing Vocals, Keyboards, Acoustic Instruments, Guitars, E-Bow, Percussion
Dan Mash (The Tangent, Maschine, UPF) - Bass
Marek Arnold (Seven Steps to the Green Door, Cyril, Toxic Smile, UPF) - Saxes, Clarinet, Keyboards, SeaBoard
Sean Timms (Unitopia, Southern Empire) - Keyboards, Banjo
Brody Thomas Green (Southern Empire) - Drums (1,2,3,4,5,6)
Tim Irrgang (UPF) - Percussion
Antonio Vittozzi (Soul Secret) - Guitar (1,3,4,5,6,8)
Luke Machin (The Tangent, Maschine, Kiama) - Guitar (2)
Stephen Dundon (Molly Bloom) - Flute (1, 7)
Nick Magnus - Keyboards (3)
Phideaux - Vocals (8)
Ulf Reinhardt (Seven Steps to the Green Door) - Drums (8)
Chris Catling - Guitar (4)
DavidB - Lead Vocals (4) & Backing Vocals
Julie King - Backing Vocals
Kevin Currie - Backing Vocals
The Santucci Horns (Eric 'Tooch' Santucci - Trumpet / Alex Taylor - Trombone)

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Pedal Giant Animals “Zeitgeist”

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
FormatCD, digital
Release date: Spring 2017
1.   Zeitgeist
2.   The Approach
3.   Leaving
4.   Eleventh Hour
5.   Fred's Song
6.   12 Jumps
7.   To Venus (Perelandra Mvt. I, Andante)
8.   The Green Lady (Perelandra Mvt. II, Allegretto con moto)
9.   The Golden Feast (Perelandra Mvt.III, Allegro)
10. Blessed Be He (Perelandra Mvt. IV, Presto)

Frank Wyatt (Happy The Man, Oblivion Sun): Keyboards
Stan Whitaker (Happy The Man, Oblivion Sun, Six Element): Guitars and Vocals
Kit Watkins (Happy The Man, Camel): Keyboards
Rick Kennell (Happy The Man): Bass Guitar
Mike Beck (Happy The Man): Percussion
Cliff Fortney (Happy The Man): Vocals
Ron Riddle (Happy The Man, Blue Oyster Cult): Drums
David Rosenthal (Happy The Man): Keyboards
Joe Bergamini (Happy the Man, 4Front): Drums
Bill Plummer: Keyboards
Bill Brasso (Oblivion Sun): Drums
David Hughes (Oblivion Sun): Bass Guitar
Chris Mack: Drums
Peter Princiotto: Orchestration, Bass Guitar, Sitar
Dan Owen: Vocals (2)
Keith Macksoud: Bass Guitar

A new progressive music project, Zeitgeist is a collaborative music endeavor featuring members of the progressive rock bands Happy The Man, Oblivion Sun, and the Pedal Giant Animals project. The recording project started out as an idea for a Happy The Man reunion CD, but evolved to include many other musicians so another Pedal Giant Animals project was born.
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Friday, May 26, 2017

Nad Sylvan "The Bride Said No"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release date: May 26, 2017
1. Bridesmaids (1:17)
2. The Quartermaster (5:38)
3. When The Music Dies (7:00)
4. The White Crown (6:15)
5. What Have You Done (8:29)
6. Crime Of Passion (5:59)
7. A French Kiss In An Italian Cafe (5:58)
8. The Bride Said No (12:26)
9. Black Sheep (7:00)

Total time 60:02

Nad Sylvan (Steve Hackett, Agents of Mercy, Unifaun) - vocals, keyboards, guitars, programming, orchestration
Tania Doko - vocals
Jade Ell (Xanima) - vocals
Sheona Urquhart - vocals, saxophone
Steve Hackett (Genesis) - guitar
Guthrie Govan (Steven Wilson, The Aristocrats, GPS, Asia) - guitar
Roine Stolt (The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, Agents of Mercy) - guitar
Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Stick Men) - Chapman stick, upright bass, electric bass
Jonas Reingold (The Flower Kings, Karmakanic, The Tangent) - bass
Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard, Big Big Train, Kevin Gilbert) - drums, percussion
Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) - drums, percussion
Anders Wollbeck - keyboards, programming, orchestration, additional sound design
Alfons Karabuda - water phone

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Anubis "The Second Hand"

Country: Australia
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release date: May 23, 2017
  1. The Second Hand   
  2. Fool's Gold    
  3. These Changing Seasons I   
  4. The Making of Me    
  5. While Rome Burns   
  6. Blackout   
  7. These Changing Seasons II   
  8. Pages of Stone   
  9. These Changing Seasons III
Robert James Moulding - Vocals, Guitars, Percussion
David Eaton - Organs, Mellotron, Piano, Synthesisers, Guitar, Vocals
Douglas Skene - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Electric Sitar, Vocals
Dean Bennison - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Slide Guitar, Vocals
Anthony Stewart - Electric & Acoustic Bass, Moog Bass Pedals, Vocals
Steven Eaton - Drums, Percussion, Glockenspiel, Vocals
Tom Winters, Lochie Winters, Reece Denton - Additional Vocals (9)
Brian Dade, Marcus Mulu, Cliff Pearson, Patricia Eaton, Andrew Eaton, Jessica Skene, Andrew Craig, Sasha Ioshpe, Chris Tracey - Additional Speaking Voices

'The Second Hand' is Anubis' fourth studio record, and marks a return to the narrative driven concept album format. It charts the downfall of an aging media mogul, James Osbourne-Fox, who, after a severe brain injury is left paralysed and imprisoned in his own body and left to contemplate the futility of his life of corporate success.
The album seeks to address the notion of balance, the media's influence on those who consume it, and how the bias and hysteria benefits no-one but those who sign the cheques, dividing people and leading to political turbulence and unrest. The lyrics - written very early in 2016 - had, by the end of the year and recording process, become seemingly even more prescient with the media and moneyed interest's roles in influencing the results of referendums, elections and even conflicts worldwide.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Bjorn Riis "Forever Comes to an End"

Country: Norway
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
LabelKarisma Records
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release date: May 19, 2017
1. Forever Comes to an End
2. Absence
3. The Waves
4. Getaway
5. Calm
6. Winter
7. Where are You Now

Bjørn Riis (Airbag): guitar, vocals
Henrik Fossum (Airbag):  drums, percussion
Asle Tostrup:  programming
Simen Valldal Johannessen (OAK): piano
Sichelle Mcmeo Aksum: vocals


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Rikard Sjöblom's Gungfly "On Her Journey To The Sun"

Country: Sweden
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
LabelInsideOut Music
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release date: May 19, 2017
CD 1
1. Of The Orb - (10:43)
2. On Her Journey To The Sun - (5:00)
3. He Held An Axe - (4:49)
4. My Hero - (7:46)
5. If You Fall Part 1 - (3:09)
6. Polymixia - (11:38)
7. Over My Eyes - (4:39)
8. Old Demons Die Hard - (5:56)
9. Keith (The Son Of Sun) - (5:32)
10. The River Of Sadness - (12:02)
11. All A Dream - (2:17)

Total Time 73:31

CD 2 (Bonus Disc) Best Of Gungfly

1. Rumbling Boxes - (8:34)
2. On And On - (4:36)
3. White Light - (5:00)
4. Lamentation - (3:18)
5. No Remorse - (4:45)
6. Before The Winter - (4:52)
7. Bringing Down The Walls - (7:04)
8. She's Gone Again - (3:13)
9. The Prisoner - (4:22)
10. Are You Aware That I'm Awake? - (4:35)
11. Peace At Mind - (5:12)
12. And She Drives Me... - (4:14)
13. We Will Never Leave - (9:33)
14. Whiskers - (3:44)

Total Time 73:02

Rikard Sjöblom (Beardfish, BBT): vocals, guitars, keyboards
David Zackrisson (Beardfish): guitars
Petter Diamant: drums
Rasmus Diamant: bass
Sverker Magnuss: keyboards
Martin Borgh: keyboards


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Friday, May 5, 2017

Hawkwind "Into the Woods"

Country: UK
Genre(s)Space Rock
Label: Cherry Red
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release date: May 5, 2017
  1. Into The Woods
  2. Cottage In The Woods
  3. The Woodpecker
  4. Have You Seen Them
  5. Ascent
  6. Space Ship Blues
  7. The Wind
  8. Vegan Lunch
  9. Magic Scenes
  10. Darkland
  11. Wood Nymph
  12. Deep Cavern
  13. Magic Mushroom
Dave Brock
Richard Chadwick
Tim Blake
Niall Hone
Mr Dibs
Haz Wheaton


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Galahad "Quiet Storms"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Progressive Rock
LabelOskar (OSKAR 1071 CD)
Format: CD
Release date: May 2017
1. Guardian Angel (3:54)
2. Iceberg (4:10)
3. Beyond The Barbed Wire (4:28)
4. Mein Herz Brennt (5:03)
5. Termination (5:17)
6. This Life Could Be My Last (5:50)
7. Pictures Of Bliss (2:11)
8. Willow Way (4:13)
9. Easier Said Than Done (4:18)
10. Melt (4:28)
11. Weightless (5:30)
12. Shine (9:15)
13. Don’t Lose Control (5:40)
14. Marz (And Beyond) (6:14)
15. Guardian Angel (Hybrid) (4:43)

Total time 75:14
Stuart Nicholson: vocals
Roy Keyworth: guitar
Spencer Luckman: drums
Dean Baker: keyboards
Tim Ashton: bass
Christina Booth (Magenta): vocals
Karl Groom (Threshold): acoustic guitar
Louise Curtis: violin
Sarah Bolter: lute, clarinet, soprano saxophone, backing vocals

Quiet Storms shows a more mellow and at times pastoral side to the band’s output containing almost none of the bombast and heaviness of the previous three studio albums, instead the majority of the songs and their arrangements evoke a more laid back, spacious and introspective atmosphere.
As well as featuring songs included as ‘extras’ on recent re-issues, Quiet Storms also includes several new songs along with new re-workings of older songs plus a few tracks which were included on the 2014 EP’s now appearing on an album for the first time.
Unusually for Galahad the album also contains a couple of cover versions, one being a stripped down piano, violin and vocal version of Rammstein’s ‘Mein Herz Brennt’ as well as a re-working of the John Grant track ‘Marz’ complete with additional words by Stu which, ironically, makes it a deeply personal track.
Willow Way

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